Meet the Leaders

Eminent Faces of Arla

Head of Marketing

Galib Bin Mohammad

Galib Bin Mohammad is a marketing veteran with over 17 years of experience. His career saw him play many roles for international companies like Nestlé and Standard Chartered Bank before taking the "Head of Marketing" mantle at Arla Foods Bangladesh. He also worked for leading local companies like Pran-RFL Group and ACI Consumer Brands.

He is a passionate marketer who is well known for his keen observation skills and storytelling.

Head of Sales

Rajib Chakraborty

Rajib Chakraborty is currently the head of sales at Arla Foods Bangladesh. Rising through the ranks, he started as an Area Sales Manager and gradually transitioned to his current position. Before Arla Foods, he also worked for companies such as BAT and Airtel.

Aside from work, he is known to be a talented singer. His hobbies include reading and traveling.

Head of HR & Admin

Md Ali Ahsan Khan

Md. Ali Ahsan Khan, Head of HR & Admin at Arla Foods Bangladesh. A management expert, his work experience saw him work for international companies like Nestle Bangladesh Ltd.

He is known as a quick learner who is also an effective coach. His hobbies include traveling and watching sports.

Head of Operation

Rajib Jony

Rajib Jony is a chemical engineer and a graduate of BUET who has around 15 years of experience. He served Nestle for 8 years and Syngenta for 2 years. Currently, he is playing the role of Head of Operation at Arla Foods. He loves playing cricket, reading books, and traveling.

Apart from this, he is a painter and an interior designer.

Senior Head of Sales, East & West


Maher-E-Khoda is a BBA graduate who worked for international and local companies like British American Tobacco Bangladesh, Airtel Bangladesh, and PRAN. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Head of Sales, East & West at Arla Foods Bangladesh.

He loves collecting antiques and vintage specimens. Also, surprisingly, he knows many dialects.

Head of Corporate Affairs

Jalal Khaled

Jalal Khaled is a man who roams across the world. He completed his BBA in Australia and his MBA in Canada. In his career, Jala served various multinational and national companies like the Royal Danish Embassy (Bangladesh), the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Demark), Western Marine Shipyard (Chittagong), and the UN Peace Keeping Force (Somalia, Kenya), and the Bangladesh Army. Currently, at Arla Foods Bangladesh, he holds the Head of Corporate Affairs position. 

He enjoys reading and traveling. He is also an astute observer of human psychology.

Head of Supply Chain


Syed Muhaimin Ahmad Roomy completed his MBA from IBA, DU. His career saw him play numerous roles and shift departments in international companies like Apex Tannery Group, Apex Footwear, and Nestle BD. Currently, he is working as the Head of Supply Chain at Arla Foods Bangladesh Ltd.

He is a sporty guy who loves to play basketball, cricket, hockey, table tennis, and swim at his leisure.